Welcome. Right now you have no idea of the extraordinary difference you are about to make. Follow the adventure and watch how we save the world one tree and one baby rhino at a time.

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The world’s first Rhino Orphanage

Africa’s first specialist, dedicated, non‐commercial centre to care for baby rhinos has officially opened in the Limpopo Province. This orphanage forms a vital part of the Rhino Response Strategy National Rescue and Response network. The orphanage has been established as a not-for-profit charity (Section 21 company in South Africa) with all donations going directly to fund the centre and the care and rehabilitation of the rhinos. >> Read more

2013 Mongol Derby

The Mongol Derby is the longest, toughest horse race in the world. The 1,000km multi- horse race takes place across the epic wilderness of the Mongolian steppe and stages only 35 international endurance riders. Inge Rall-Behm is one of the selected riders in the 2013 Derby. But, its not just about an endurance horse race, the journey has a lot more heart than that. >> Read more

What is the point?

Behind the dust and the long journey is a team called The Adventurists, organisers of the Mongol Derby and other adventures, who use extraordinary quests to raise funds to save the world and make it a less boring place. The official 2013 Mongol Derby charity is rainforest conservation specialist, Cool Earth. Participants of the Mongol Derby need to raise funds in support of Cool Earth and one other worthy cause.
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“My mission is to create awareness and to support the rehabilitation of orphaned rhinos. Saving the rainforests at the same time is an extra incentive to make this fundraiser really work.”
Inge Rall-Behm, South African representative at the 2013 Mongol Derby

Become part of the Adventure

Join me on this journey and help save our rhinos in South Africa and around the world, and save our rainforests at the same time. This adventure is going to help save our planet. I hope you climb on board.

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