Rhino Orphanage

Every Mongol Derby participant has to raise at least £1,000 and donate a minimum of £500 to the event’s official charity, Cool Earth. The balance is used to support another worthy cause, which in this case is to support the Rhino Orphanage.

The current rhino poaching crisis is resulting in increased numbers of injured rhino that survive poaching attacks. Their survival comes at a great cost with multiple gunshot wounds; mutilating facial wounds; and traumatised, orphaned calves that are also often injured.

The Rhino Response Project has partnered with Legend Lodges and has launched Africa’s first specialist, dedicated, non‐commercial centre to care for baby rhinos.

Driven by the shared vision of Arrie van Deventer and Karen Trendler, the Rhino Orphanage provides top quality care, state of the art security and facilities constructed to suit the needs of traumatised rhino and will not be open to the public, ensuring the best chances of recovery and return to the wild.

South Africa is home to more than 90% of the rhinos on the planet, and the world’s first rhino orphanage will be a major step forward in the battle to protect the species.

The Rhino Orphanage has been established as a not‐for‐profit charity (Section 21 company in South Africa) with all donations going directly to fund the centre and the care and rehabilitation of the rhinos. It is a massive project needing urgent support.
My mission is to create awareness and to
support the rehabilitation of these
orphaned rhinos. The centre requires the
compassion, support and awareness of the
public. All funds donated go to the
rehabilitation and care of these orphans.

If you would like to help in this great effort -
please make a donation.
Your contribution can help
save our rhinos!

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The first resident of the Rhino Orphanage
“Manqoba - the one who conquers in hopeless situations”

The first resident is an eight‐month old black rhino called Manqoba, who is believed to have been abandoned by his mother. Manqoba was in need of urgent and specialised medical attention and a secure and caring facility where he could receive the appropriate care, with the ultimate aim of rehabilitating him into the wild where he belongs.

With only a few hours notice, the Rhino Orphanage mobilised a 24‐hour care team that set up temporary facilities to relocate and nurse the little calf back to health. As soon as the final construction of the specialist facilities at the orphanage is complete, the rhino will be moved to increasingly larger and more natural premises. Here we will be able to monitor his progress as we build up to his ultimate release back into a safe and secure wild environment.

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